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Like you, we love coffee and we also love our planet. We don’t think our daily cup should have to cost the earth and we don’t think yours should either. So, we’ve launched a range of stainless steel reusable coffee pods for Nespresso, Aldi Expressi, Dolce Gusto and Caffitaly. 

With your help, we’re committed to eliminating single-use coffee pods from the face of the earth, one podly customer at a time.

How it works...

Better for our Planet!

By using our reusable coffee pods just once a day you will be saving an average of 15kg of Greenhouse gases a year from being released into our atmosphere - By eliminating production, recycling and transport of single-use pods.

Better for you!

Single-use pods can contain harmful chemicals such as BPA, BPF, BPS, phthalates and furan. Using them in conjunction with hot water means these chemicals could be leaching into your coffee as you make it.

Save money!

Using our reusable coffee pods is up to 6 times cheaper compared to the cost of regular single-use coffee pods.

1 purchase = 1 tree planted

We are proud to be an official reforestation partner with onetreeplanted.org. Their mission is to reforest the planet, one tree at a time! For every purchase, we plant one tree where it is needed most.

More than single-use pods used every day!

Make the Change today!

In Australia alone, more than a staggering 3,000,000 single-use coffee pods are used every single day! Whilst many brands are turning their production to recyclable or compostable pods. they are still falling through the cracks. Sadly, despite users best efforts, too many pods are still finding their way into landfill. Take control of the problem and make the switch to reusable coffee pods today!

The difference of 1 Reusable Pod

when consuming just 1 coffee a day…

times cheaper

than an average single-use pod!



$0.05/per use compared vs

 $0.30/per use (on average).

plus years of use!


Infinitely reusable!

single-use pods saved

from production and landfill every year!

kg of greenhouse gases

saved by eliminating production, recycling and transport of single-use pods.