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Aldi K-Fee®

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podly Reusable Pod for Aldi K-fee®


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The podly Pack for Aldi K-fee®


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The all new podly Reusable Aldi K-fee Coffee Pods are precision crafted from high quality food grade stainless steel. Backed by a lifetime guarantee. Do your bit for our planet and reuse, reduce and enjoy a better, guilt free life.

Super versatile, you can fill our Aldi coffee machine compatible pods with the coffee of your choice. Freshly roasted is always best!  But don’t feel limited to just coffee, they also work great with tea and hot chocolate.

For the most part, single-use coffee pods have become a significant environmental issue, producing large amounts of waste each year. Unfortunately, most of this waste ends up in landfill. Not only has the waste produced by disposable pods become problematic, the emissions produced by the production of these pods have significantly increased due to their popularity.

In comparison, using our reusable Expressi coffee pods once a day can reduce greenhouse gas emission by up to 15kg a year. Not to mention the considerable reduction in waste.

Not only are the podly Reusable Aldi K-fee Coffee Pods eco-friendly, they’re also better for you. Toxic chemicals like BPA, BPF, BPS, phthalates and furan have been found in some single-use pods.  When in contact with heat, it’s probable that these dangerous substances will find their way into your coffee.

Try our reusable Aldi K-fee coffee pods today and enjoy cafe style coffee at home. Live a happier, healthier life by looking after the earth and yourself.